How can I help you?

My coaching sessions will allow you to see a clear sense of self, vision, and end goal. Let's make living with purpose a standard, not just a priority! 

Hi there! I am Nikki Wright, a wife, mother, and Certified Life Coach.

Do you need a partner who is real with you in a loving and encouraging way to push you to be bold and change your situation by taking ownership and action steps? 

Through this experience, you will see lasting positive results, which will make your life balanced and rich.

Women are getting more time out of their day, getting closer to God, losing weight, spending more time with their family, having dates with their husband, saving and making more money, and having less strive at home.

I incorporate the Christian faith into our meetings and pray with you over every struggle you are experiencing. Through trust and a genuine relationship, you will feel comfortable opening up to get to the real issues. We will sort through the clutter together and focus on accomplishing your life purpose to truly be fulfilled! 

Coaching women to make their dreams a reality by encouraging and building confidence through the foundation of trust and transparency. 

"The job of a Life Coach is not to help you deal with your past, like a counselor does, but help you to realize where you are right now and discover where you really want to be.  During the session with Nikki she created an atmosphere in which, with her guidance, I discovered where I was at, where I wanted to be. Using questions that directed my thinking in a positive, life-giving manner, she helped me discover the necessary steps to make my practical, dreams wants and desires reality. Just remember you get out of it how much you put into it, why not give it your all." -Chris Robbins

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